Paper Balloons

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, toys were a lot simpler and cheaper. No fancy electronics or battery operated gizmos.

Kids used their creativity to play with things around them. One of the toys we used to play besides marbles or catching spiders and keeping them in matchboxes were paper balloons.

Paper Balloons Inflated

This simple looking paper balloon is actually pure genious in multiple ways.

It comes flat packed and when you blow into it, the paper balloon inflates into a ball shape. When you are done playing with it, you could simply fold it flat again to store taking up little space. A wonderful design that captures both minimalism and efficiency.

Environmetally friendly too as it’s made of paper and won’t last for thousands of years in a landfill unlike many plastic toys today that are thrown out. Or perhaps like electronics that get outdated within a year or become faulty due to battery leaks.

Flat Packed Paper Balloons

Ways to Play

Mini netball without the net

  1. Throw the paper balloon into the air and tap the balloon with your palm to keep it afloat.
  2. See how long you can keep it up without it dropping to the floor.
  3. Play with a friend or friends by taking turns to tap the balloon. See who is the last that miss keeping the paper balloon airborne.

The paper balloon when unfolded but not inflated is in the shape of a half sphere. So once the game is over, the person who lost could be made to wear the paper balloon over his or her head like a cap.

Usage as home or party decor

Use string or fishing line to hang the paper balloons from the ceiling to decorate the room. With the cute paper balloon animals, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Baby Mobile

Make a baby mobile to hang near the baby cot or playpen. The cute paper balloon animals colour and cheer to the room. Next time you visit an asian take out, keep the chop sticks.

  1. Use string or fishing line to tie the pair of chopsticks into the shape of a cross.
  2. Attach four different paper balloons with string or fishing line to the tip of the chops sticks.
  3. Adjust the position of the paper balloons if necessary to keep the mobile balanced.



Where to purchase

The paper balloons used to be easily available at many small shops selling stationary or general household goods. However many of these shops have been replaced by big box stores that stock the latest trend or fashion only.

Fret not for there is hope with internet. These wonderful paper balloons are now available for everyone to relive their childhood or have some retro fun.

Contact us to place an order or visit our ebay store at under seller ‘paperfabricstore‘ to purchase your paper balloons today.



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